Ultimate Freedom Online International

Hallo dear readers fromm off all world, here have you a few of my articles in different languagus in front of you lying. But in other languauages as in english, because it is not new, that everyone meanwhile can english good enough understand. Thisways have I me decided the articles not to overset in englisch, although I very good english speaken can. Dear would I something overset in holländisch and perhaps noch in dänisch, because I’m good in those languauges too, but not everyone else is so good how I.
I could use the google translater* for it, but I find this maschine is not so good and most I could really become too much when I read there shit translations! So please don’t go me on the alarm clock with that.

*Als Alternative zu Google Translate bietet sich der kostenlose Text- und Webseiten-Übersetzer PROMPT an, die in Hamburg ihre Niederlassung und in St. Petersburg ihren Hauptsitz haben. Ebenso gute Arbeit leistet das Firefox Add-on DeepL https://www.deepl.com/

Holländisch, Niederländisch (or Dutch, that means deutsch):